Developing on Contaminated Sites: How to Effectively Combine Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations

Effectively Combine Geotechnical and Environmental Investigations

When: Thursday, January 21st @ 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (CDT) Where: GoToWebinar When starting a project how often do you bring your geotechnical engineer and environmental consultant to the same table? This approach is often overlooked but with some forethought, you can save significant time, money and improve project results if you combine environmental and geotechnical investigations on your next project. Join us as our environmental consulting and geotechnical engineering experts Jackie Dylla, CHMM and Josh Kirk, PE, dive into how combining environmental and geotechnical investigations can enhance your project during planning and site development phases. Learn more about:...

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Whether you are working on a transportation project or a new building development downtown, temporary retention walls are critical to the safety and stability of many projects. While you will likely hire a consultant to design your next support of excavation system, as a project owner do you know the basics of retention wall selection and their installation? Are you familiar with the common problems project owners encounter and how they can be avoided with the right advance planning? Tune into the recorded webinar as our retention wall expert, Jeff Segar, PE, SE, walks through an introduction to support of...

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Wood-Framed Buildings Webinar: Design and Construction Challenges You Need to Know

木框架结构是框架多家庭结构中最常见的系统之一,但它通常尚不清楚如何达到特殊检查,FireStopping和Sound Building信封的代码和标准。如果没有遵循,如果您知道在设计和施工阶段期间寻找什么时,这些结构面临的问题是昂贵的 - 可预防的。看看特殊检查员和建筑信封专家在我们的录音网络研讨会上展示了特殊检查员和建筑信封专家的幕后,我们与我们的建筑和结构科学专家,杰森汉隆,体重,MSLE ......

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土壤压实基本面Webinar: Understand the Science Behind Soil Testing


Soil compaction is vital to almost every construction project but sometimes is an overlooked service. Improper compaction methods can lead to unwanted maintenance costs or even failure of structural elements. Understanding the science behind soil compaction can help you identify potential issues which can arise during this phase of construction. Is the soil too wet? Is the correct Proctor being used? Is the proper equipment being used for this soil type? Watch our recorded webinar to take a closer look at the fundamentals of soil compaction and testing with Braun Intertec geotechnical engineering experts, Tom Posey, PE and Ben Butler,...

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Deep foundations provide the key support for most heavy structures but how can you confirm your newly installed foundations will function as specified? The answer often is integrity testing, a critical, yet underutilized, test method for projects with deep foundations. Integrity testing is valuable for any kind of deep foundation project which can include, high rises, bridges, transmission poles/towers as well as docks and wharfs. These projects often present numerous factors which can influence the type of integrity test best suited for the project from soil resistance, material properties (strength, density, etc.), reinforcement within the deep foundation, and the length...

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Are you looking to improve your next project’s concrete specifications to avoid common issues that come up during construction? Material specifications and reinforcement design is one area where projects often stumble and there are several common issues we routinely observe which you can avoid with changes to the initial project specifications for concrete. Watch the recorded version of the webinar as our expert, Alf Gardiner from the Minneapolis, Minnesota Braun Intertec office, provides guidance available for concrete pavement design specifications which can help keep your next project on track. Gardiner has worked in the concrete industry for more than 20...

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计算射线照相vs. Traditional Film Radiography Webinar: Is Your Operation Ready to Transition?


你知道计算的射线照相是否适合您的操作?通过合适的工具和知识,从传统电影到数字的过渡比你想象的更直接。通过计算的射线照相越来越受欢迎,制造商,构造函数,铸造厂和制造商正在学习合格的NDT技术人员的价值,以实现节省成本的计算射线照相过程。观看网络研讨会的录制版本,作为我们的NDT专家,Ken Leblanc和Wesley Soape从La Porte,德克萨斯布朗Intertec办公室潜入计算的射线照相的好处。雷竞技好Newbee赞助商了解更多信息:传统电影射线照相和计算的差异......

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[OnDemand Webinar] Stadiums and Vertical Structures Webinar: How to Get the Most out of Your Next Structural Steel Inspection

您是否知道如何将高口径结构钢检查组有效地集成到下一个垂直结构或体育场的构建中?维持ICC认证在结构钢,焊接,螺栓连接和防火等领域的特殊视察员是一种信息,如果综合进入您的项目团队,可以帮助节省施工期间问题或影响会影响的问题结构的性能或安全。观看我们一流的结构钢检查员,Pat Laplante,ICC认证的检查员和Asnt NDT II和泰勒Carlson,ICC认证的检查员和Asnt NDT级-II,其体验......

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[OnDemand Webinar] How to Leverage Building Enclosure Commissioning for High Performance Structures

Building Sciences

建筑围栏比以往任何时候都更复杂,更宽容。从地区的大会在任何天气条件下向不同的承包商报告组装结构的商人,伴随着结构的结构的变量列表较长。当它都说并完成了时,如何验证成品结构,机箱系统和系统安装将符合项目要求吗?作为我们的建筑机箱调试专家,Andre Lehr从我们的休斯顿,德克萨斯州办事处,潜入建筑物委托以及建筑师,承包商和项目经理应该牢记......

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[OnDemand Webinar] Nondestructive Examination Insights for Certified Welding Inspectors that Save Time

NDE for CWIs

作为认证焊接检查员(CWI)您是否知道如何评估在项目上进行无损检查(NDE)的质量?您是否知道使用最好的NDE方法吗?虽然CWI并不重要,但了解NDE方法的每个细微差别,以确定所提供的NDE的质量 - 您确实需要深入了解基本面。在本演示文稿中,NDE专家,Ken Leblanc和Wesley Soape来自我们的La Porte,德克萨斯州办事处,讨论了非破坏性检查的基本面以及每个CWI应该知道在当天的日常衡量NDE的价值......

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