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Braun Intertec partners with clients across the United States to build and maintain the infrastructure needed for obtaining, collecting and processing oil & gas -related products. Whether we are performing a geotechnical evaluation on a new well pad, construction materials testing on a rail load-out facility, weld inspections on miles of pipeline, or API services on an existing refinery, our dedicated staff rise to meet the needs and challenges of the oil and gas industry.

Our services for the oil & gas market include:
• Support for the growing Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) industry
• Spill prevention control, spill response, environmental support, and regulatory compliance services
• Geotechnical evaluations and construction material testing services for well pads, pipelines, railways, and a variety of oil and gas facilities
•射线照相法、超声波, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant testing, phased array and API inspections for pipelines and fixed facilities